Umami Burger

by Liz Heather in , ,

This L.A. chain just opened a location in NYC earlier this month. I went yesterday evening. You need to eat this burger.



That is a photo of The Original above. I ate it... slowly. That's how you can trust that I'm being forthright in telling you how good it was. What's in The Original? A parmesan crisp, shiitake mushrooms, roasted tomato, caramelized onions, a house umami ketchup. The bun? Fucking pillowy and perfect. Just delicious. For $12 a burger I was expecting it to be, at the very least, memorable - and it definitely was. The wait for a table is just dumb, but hopefully that'll settle down once the summer winds to a close. You need to try this burger. And don't make any substitutions either. The older you get, the more trusting you need to be about what a chef wants to put on their burger, so trust them, fool.