The Metropolitan Museum of Art

by Liz Heather in

I like going to the Met. Not love, like. There are really only three main reasons to go here. 

  1. You pay a dollar and get admitted ($25 is the recommended admission, people. Don't be a sucker and pay it!) to see a ridiculous amount of priceless things. UPDATE: the suggested amount now only applies to NY residents, but if you can get access to a NY library card, this can still apply to you. You just have to give a NY zip code and you’re golden.

  2. There are some rooms that make you feel like you are literally IN art. I'll explain this further below.

  3. The rooftop garden.

That's the view from the roof. It's probably one of my favourite views in the city. Every summer there's a new exhibit going on up there, so I went on over to see what this year's had in store. 

Essentially there's just a lot of splattered red paint on the ground. And voila, art. If I'm getting much too technical for you here, I do apologize. So... Is it good? God, who knows. Did I like it? Not really. Only because I can't help but compare it to when Jeff Koons had an exhibit up there years ago that was gorgeous and great. 

I guess some of the patterns up close were kind of neat. But I'm really reaching here, guys. Honestly, the view up there is the best thing. They have drinks and sandwiches as well, but I think you know by now that $10 for a pre-made turkey sandwich ain't gonna fly with me.

Other highlights of The Met? Well, personally I just like wandering around. The best parts of any museum visit is when you enter a room and there's no one else there. I love that to death. It just feels kind of nice to be alone with all that crazy old, expensive, sometimes-gorgeous stuff. Rooms like this!

If I ever have a ludicrous amount of money, I'd love to pay someone off to let me just hang out in a museum after hours. With no jerks around telling me that I'm standing too close. And there's no one around taking any photos. God, that'd be amazing. (I do realize I, infact, AM one of those dummies who took photos here in this instance, but that was for the purpose of you idiots reading!) But imagine just getting to hang out with all this stuff? Alone? Might be magical, I think.

Anyway, onto my favourite, favourite room. Well, rooms. I'm not even sure what category they'd go into, but here are a few of the rooms I love.

Absolutely love all of it. Imagine getting to live in these rooms? Such elegance! Look at that bed! Just nuts. You don't get to actually walk in and around these rooms, but you do get to peer in. And that's enough. I wouldn't like it if anyone could just roam around like they're the King of England and put their feet up wherever they like! God, no. Too beautiful to be touched. 

Anyway, this isn't even my favourite museum in New York, but it's a fine one. Go see that roof!