Brush Your Dog's Teeth, Please

by Liz Heather in ,

Whoever is in charge of reading my eulogy, please include a nod to my impeccable oral hygiene. It's one of the few things I'm most proud of, thus far. If there's one, easy thing you can be taking care of in your life, it's your oral care. I'll never shut up about it. You know this already

But what about your pets? Who's gonna take care of their teeth? You, bud. Please get on that already if you haven't. At least once a week is all they require it done, too. I'm pretty sure that's why dogs do things that piss owners off sometimes. They're acting out 'cause you're not brushing their teeth. We all love that minty after-breath! Don't deny them that right! And if you're thinking, "My dog hates it when I brush his/her teeth." Well, that's your fault, owner. Try this tip to start to get them into it.

Martha Stewart Living, April 2014 issue