The Burger's Priest In Mississauga & Guelph

by Liz Heather in

This is newsworthy because the suburbs of Toronto usually get jack SHIT when it comes to good, somewhat-independently run restaurants that have already been established downtown. 

But also, have you had this burger? F-ing have it. Reminds me of a poor man's Shake Shack burger, which is a huge compliment. 

The Pope

That burger above is just one of the burgers on the menu. Obviously there are others that look a little more reasonable, but I took a bite of this one once and it melted my face a bit. Really good burgers. To see more options, go on over here

New Locations:

1599 Queensway
Etobicoke, Ontario

129 Lakeshore Road East
Mississauga, Ontario

Guelph (opening soon)
435 Stone Road,
Guelph, Ontario

All are closed on Sundays.