Another Pinterest Pin That Blows

by Liz Heather in

Have you seen the one for an at-home lip scrub/exfoliator? There are a lot of different ones, but I tried the honey and sugar one. Verdict? Absolute trash. I can understand how in theory these might go together to work towards a softer lip, but not so. Once you wash it all off, you're left with really tight feeling lips, I had to put some Soft Lips on immediately. 

And when there are actual good and inexpensive lip exfoliators available, there's no need for this homemade recipe at all. 

BONUS TIP: Sometimes I'll try out a pin on Pinterest, hate it and then forget I tried it already and try it again in a few months (I'm not the smartest...?). One way to curb this habit is to keep a Pinterest board solely for things you've tried and hated (and if you think that's too mean, then keep it as one of your private boards so only you can see it).

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