The Simpsons Photo Every Day Parody

by Liz Heather in

This video is probably in my top three of favourite Simpsons moments and I'm shocked that I haven't posted it already.

I know that it's a parody, but sometimes remakes are better than the original (Vanilla Sky!). And I understand that parts of this are supposed to come across as funny, but I swear to you I get teary at the part where his dad (Abe) stands by the window after his wife leaves him. (I know what you're thinking - that it's impossible to get teary that fast (it happens in the span of maybe a split second), but I swear I'm telling you the truth. Play this for video for me the next time I see you if you want proof!) 

The fact that Abe's wife leaves him, devastates him to the point of excessive drinking and ultimately becoming a terrible father, thus raising an alcoholic son?! Are you kidding me?! Do you see the levels here?! I know it's a fucking comedic cartoon, but c'mon, you gotta give it to me here. I love this show more than I know what to do with sometimes. I really do.