Birthday Gift Idea

by Liz Heather in ,

If someone close to you has an important birthday coming up, you know what you should do? This.

My friend Marla started sending me notes in the mail a month before my actual birthday (30 notes for my 30th birthday). What kind of notes, you ask? SWEET-ASS THINGS THAT SHE THINKS ABOUT ME! Compliment notes, if you will.

Is this the nicest thing in the world to receive? Why yes, yes it was. And some of them included gift-gifts too (like Urban Outfitters clothes & face masks!). Am I bragging? Fuck yeah! 'Cause this is one of the nicest things that anyone has ever done for me and I'm almost mad that I hadn't thought of it myself to do for someone else! You know what a fan I am of correspondence

Anyway, definitely keep this in mind as a gift idea for a special birthday. Marla, you're the kindest person in the world and I'm lucky as FUCK to know you.