My Favourite 10 Things To Eat in Ontario

by Liz Heather in ,

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day! 🍁

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I'm feeling a little annoyed that I'm not in Mississauga celebrating Canada Day with the rest of you, but I'll get over it. What will I do instead? Sit and pine over these items below.

1.    Salted Caramel Timbits. Have you tried these yet? They're relatively new and amazing

Photo Credit:  Tim Hortons

Photo Credit: Tim Hortons

2.    The poutine at Royal Burger on Lakeshore.

Royal Burger Poutine

3.    All forms of Coffee Crisps (especially Coffee Crisp Latte, Coffee Crisp McFlurries, Coffee Crisp Hot Chocolate, Coffee Crisp cake, IT NEVER ENDS).

Photo Credit & Recipe:  Huffington Post

Photo Credit & Recipe: Huffington Post

4.    Any fish and chips that uses halibut and not cod.

Photo Credit:  Phenu

Photo Credit: Phenu

5.    Trinidadian doubles near any of the West Indian places near T.L. Kennedy.

Photo Credit:  Serious Eats

Photo Credit: Serious Eats

6.   The garlic cheese loaf at Swiss Chalet (it sucks if you get it for delivery or take out, but it’s amazing when you eat it at the restaurant).

Photo Credit:  WaiWai Flickr

Photo Credit: WaiWai Flickr

7.    The caesar salad at Canyon Creek is especially 'cause they use way too much garlic when they make the dressing and I cannot get enough of it.

Photo Credit:  Joey Eats

Photo Credit: Joey Eats

8.    Parmesan Chicken Bowties at Jack Astor’s.

Photo Credit:  Cindy Nguyen

Photo Credit: Cindy Nguyen

9.     Mind Over Matcha at Booster Juice - (I stand by this statement, Magowans!)

Photo Credit:  Booster Juice

Photo Credit: Booster Juice

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: