Mocha Semifreddo

by Liz Heather in ,

I don't have an ice cream maker. Why? Mainly because I don't have an oven - and if I must splurge on some sort of luxury kitchen item (yes, it's sad that I view an oven as a "luxury kitchen item" but I'm coming to terms with that), my first purchase would be this oven. That being said, I have dreams of one day owning an ice cream maker. But until that day comes, this recipe will tide me over.

I know that I've gone on and on about how great Chef John's recipes are, so if you have politely nodded your head along to those past posts without actually making any of his dishes - THIS IS THE ONE YOU SHOULD ACTUALLY MAKE. Partly because it's crazy easy and partly because it's summer and you should indulge in something that's homemade and ridiculously delicious.