Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life - Thoughts

by Liz Heather in

Before I begin, there are spoilers galore ahead, be warned.

So many thoughts, so I'm going back to bullet point here. I love bullet point.

•    Stars Hollow should always be set in winter. It couldn’t look more perfect.
•    It’s weird how Rory’s voice is so different, but maybe that makes sense since she’s an adult now?
•    I wish we could’ve seen Rory’s apartment in Brooklyn. 
•    Caesar’s hair made me gasp.
•    Tom Waits was such a fine choice for Richard’s funeral scene.
•    Holy shit, is Digger 93 years old now? Wow.
•    I love that Berta is being played by Gypsy. It’s so funny and great.
•    Zack looks like a young Jim Gaffigan.

•    Rory constantly saying that she has to leave has become increasingly annoying.
•    As of the middle of this episode, KIRK has gotten 8000% more screen time than Jess and nothing is right in the world. 
•    Hey Rachael Ray, why didn’t you learn how to pronounce “Sookie”?
•    RAFI!

•    It’s infuriating that I know so much about Logan's life right now.
•    Where the hell is Ms. Patty?
•    Am I overthinking this, or has Luke somehow became MORE of a grump? He’s become almost intolerable. Why can’t this man be happy, ever? I understand that he has these sweet moments, but honestly? THEY HAPPEN ONCE EVERY THREE YEARS. 95% of his character is an old, grumpy man who never smiles. I can’t bare it.
•    There’s no way that Taylor would allow that poem to be left off the front page – KNOW YOUR CHARACTERS, GODDAMNIT.
•    Can you call me Elizabeth Roundbottom from now on?
•    I’m in a loving, long-term relationship, but the sight of Jess Mariano’s arms made me quiver in regions that I didn’t know I had.
•    If I had complete creative control, I would’ve nixed the whole Stars Hollow musical scene and replaced it with ten minutes of a straight pan up and down of Jess’ entire body.

•    Remember how I said winter was always the best season of GG? So wrong. Definitely fall. 
•    Okay, I was maybe into the whole life and death brigade scene. MAYBE. You can’t prove anything. Look, I get the Logan attraction. I really do. But at the end of the day, THINK OF JESS’ LONG UNTAMEABLE HAIR AND CHEST WIDTH. 
•    I also take back what I said before about Luke. Yes, he’s grumpy a lot of the time but his big declarations do count for something. Also, Lorelai is typically a pretty dreadful character, so they're matched well together. 
•    Emily being so happy at the thought of Jack leaving her new house is such a sweet moment, I thought. Just how she really seems to be enjoying her new life and not having to rely on anyone else for anything and having a sort of freedom that she’s never had before. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I really liked that.
•    Rory roaming the old Gilmore house made me weep in a way I didn’t expect.
•    I know he’s in one scene, but there’s too much Christopher in it.
•    The song played during the gazebo scene? So glad they brought it back. It’s been on my iPod since I first heard it during the Luke/Lorelai dancing scene at Liz/TJ’s wedding and it couldn’t be more perfect to play now.
•    Perfect ending, though every ounce of my being wanted Jess to be peering out of a bookstore or a car or a fucking garbage can for all I care so I can see the way he looks at her one more time.

Overall Thoughts

  • Thank you God for not including any screen time for TJ & Liz.
  • Also appreciated? The short and sweet April scene.
  • I think the whole boyfriend Paul storyline was intended to be funnier, but wasn’t.
  • Too much Kirk.
  • Too much Michel.
  • Way too much Logan.
  • I've read some pieces about the body shaming moments on the show (yeah, this whole mini series is going to be analyzed to DEATH and I'm totally gonna get on board with that) and to be honest, no one should find it that surprising that these fictional characters aren't exactly the greatest/kindest people. I mean, remember that episode when Rory made that comment about some girl who she said had "fat thighs" to Paris' old professor boyfriend? These fictional people have definitely said some things that prove they're not of the highest character, so why would this be surprising? And on that note, would you ever want to actually befriend Rory or Lorelai if they existed in real life? Don't they seem obnoxious as hell for the most part? I do admit, I love watching them as characters (well, Rory more than Lorelai), but I don't think I could stand to have a conversation with either of them if reality ever permit me. And I think that would be a common thought amongst fans (or I'm completely wrong and way off base). It's similar to the way I feel about any of the Girls characters - I love watching them, but find each of them reprehensible beyond repair. Anyway, it just seems silly to write (and even read, ha!) an article about the body shaming in the series.
  • I could write sonnets about Jess Mariano. And it might come to that.
  • The idea that Logan is Rory’s Christopher (the rich, spoiled, romantic who is never there when she needs him) and that Jess is her Luke (the obvious partner who supports who she is fully and is hopelessly in love with her, literally always no matter what). Was this idea so obvious before and I was just blind to it? In which case, wow.

The best things I’ve read so far about the revival were these three snippets:

"Logan was shirtless and looked... sexless. But Jess? FUCK YES" - my friend Julia, haha

“Emily Gilmore finding happiness on her own in Nantucket, with Berta, and the whale museum is just so beautiful. For 50 years she was Richard’s wife, and for the first time ever she’s Emily. How fucking cool.”

“I can’t decide if that was Amy Sherman-Palladino saying, “I’m not done with this story, stay tuned,” or, “FUCK Y'ALL I’M OUT.””

So many thoughts. I've already watched it twice. And I can't comment on how many times this bitch is getting watched again. (Re-reading this post makes it seem like I actually loathe the show, but I think it's just that we're most critical of things we love deeply.) 

I'll leave you with this.