Winter List Revisited

by Liz Heather in

You may recall that I made a winter list of things that I wanted to do. Did I do them? Let's see.

  1. "FINALLY try to make cauliflower crust for a pizza." - I did it! Check it out! 
  2. "Visit the Martha Stewart Café in Chelsea." - I did, and it was lacklustre! And totally out of the way (it's near 11th Avenue), so don't ever bother.
  3. "Finally visit Fraunces Tavern." - I only made it there to have drinks (we got there too late to eat food or see the museum), but the drinks were average? I don't know, I didn't see the big deal. Maybe the museum part's cooler? No wait, that last sentence doesn't make sense.
  4. "Make homemade vanilla extract." - I completely forgot about this one, oops.
  5. "Eat a By Chloe vegan burger." - I did it and you can read about it here

So that's that, I got 4/5. Not bad. Spring, here we go!