PsychoBarn at The Met

by Liz Heather in

Every summer, The Met has a different rooftop exhibit - you know this, because I've mentioned it before. Here's what's up there this year...

The project’s full name is “Transitional Object: (PsychoBarn)” and it's done by the artist Cornelia Parker. It is assembled at two-thirds of the scale of a real house and with only two finished sides, just like the film set of the 1960 Hitchcock film “Psycho” that gave Ms. Parker part of her inspiration.

The back of the project — which Ms. Parker doesn’t hide, but rather emphasizes — reveals it as fake, supported by metal scaffolding and tamped down with large black water tanks, providing ballast so it won’t blow over in a strong wind.

It'll stay up there until October 31st. Gotta go see this!