Revisiting My Summer 2017 List

by Liz Heather in

LAST DAY OF SUMMER, GEEKS! Here’s what I had planned on doing this past summer & the realities of those expectations:

  1. Eat a Coney Island Red Hot from Feltman's.
    • Did it! And you know what? American hot dogs are gross. The only hot dogs I'll eat from here on out are the ones outside the Skydome or any Canadian Tire. Mainly 'cause they're grilled & not boiled, and those are amazing.
  2. Finally visit The Met Breuer and The Frick and The Cloisters since I've never been.
    • Went to all three! The Met Breuer was the most boring, followed by The Cloisters, followed by The Frick. The Frick was actually a pretty decent time, but not better than The Met.
  3. Ride bikes around the top half of Central Park since I've never seen any part above 79th street.
    • Nathan and I did this one on our anniversary last month and it was so much fun. That top half of the park felt like a completely different world, I loved it. The whole bike around the entire park took about an hour, too, which was way faster than I thought it'd take.
  4. Wear dark lipstick with all white outfits.
    • Damnit! I forgot about this one. Still a great idea, though. Maybe one day.
  5. Eat the whipped steak tartare at Employees Only.
    • You know what? I did eat it and BLEH. It was so average I could scream. I feel like they hand-make it front of you to make up for the fact that they know it's basic-tasting as hell.
  6. Go to the beach at least ten times.
    • I went seven times, but that's pretty impressive for me. So glad I went so much.
  7. Go swimming at least ten times.
    • Yikes, I went once. ONCE. That's appalling.
  8. Make an apple pie from scratch.
    • This one's happening this week, so I'm counting this one as completed I DON'T CARE it's practically done. 
  9. Take Baby Dog to a dog bar to meet other dogs.
    • Not even close. I tried one day, but it started raining and then we got comfortable at home.
  10. Lay out with the kids and look at the stars.
    • Ah man! I really wanted to do this one. Again, I'm doing this THIS WEEKEND. I vow.

Autumn's coming, baby, and I can't wait. The decorations go up October 1st for Thanksgiving/Halloween and the seasonal list shall be posted tomorrah.