Summer List Revisited

by Liz Heather in

I can’t express the joy I’m feeling right now as I write this post. Summer is no more. We did it. Here’s what I managed to do off of my summer list that I made in June.

  1. Go to the beach at least five times.

    • Done! And yes I love the beach and all, but five times is definitely the right amount of times to go there. Anything more would just be over-indulgent.

  2. See the new rooftop exhibition at The Met.

    • Done! And I didn’t think much of it. I’ll speak more about this in my end of September post coming in a few days.

  3. Spend the day doing stuff in Harlem.

    • Nope, still haven’t done this. It really seems like this would be more fun to do with someone who’s visiting from out of town, so I’ll try to make that happen in the near future when someone comes to visit me.

  4. Make at least three new recipes from Chrissy Teigen's first cookbook, Cravings.

  5. Try the frozen Irish coffee at Passage in Astoria.

    • Done! Delicious.

  6. Visit Chateau Le Woof with Baby Dog in Astoria.

    • Yep! And it’s wasn’t that spectacular. I definitely like Boris & Horton in the city better.

  7. See the Scarborough Bluffs since I never have before.

    • Oh yeah I did! Special thanks to my friend Marla for making this one happen. Such a lovely spot.

  8. See Tew Falls in Hamilton.

    • My time was pretty limited in Canada this summer, so I had to skip this one. But one day I’ll get there.

  9. Go away, anywhere, for a few days with Nathan for our anniversary.

    • We did! Vermont! And it was so, so nice. We might even go away again before the year is up, which is absolutely wild.

  10. Try SLT finally.

    • Not a chance. Again, this would be great to do with someone visiting me who’d be into it.

6/10! A passing grade! Honestly it’s a miracle that I did any of these considering how much I loathe summer.

Autumn list coming tomorrow! See you in hell, summer!