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Okay, there’s a snowstorm in Ontario RIGHT NOW. And so I was out playing with my niece Tianna and my dear babe Harmeet and trying to think up new ways to have more fun out there in the gorgeousness. So I came inside, did some Googling and found a way to make AND EAT some snow ice cream. 

We just made it AND IT IS DELICIOUS. Here is the recipe. I’m serious here, too. It. Is. Really. Tasty. And weirdly satisfying to know that it fell from the sky. 

Harmeet’s advice: “Eat it fast!”

SNOW DAY! Okay, bonus post over. Enjoy your weekend, babies. 


(Sidenote: Tianna opted not to have a photo up here because she’s a teenager and thought she was BETTER THAN THIS POST! She’s still lovely, nevertheless.)