Tip - Colour Co-Ordinate Your Closet

by Liz Heather in ,


The above photo is the current state of my closet today. If that doesn’t look marvelous to you, then don’t read on ‘cause you won’t care about any of what I’m going to say.

Colour coordination is wonderful. I only recently colour co-ordinated my closet and it has helped my daily life immensely. It saves me so much time when I’m trying to figure out what to wear, and it forces me to somehow have a cleaner room, if that makes any sense. Also, when you’re looking for something specific that you have in mind, you’ll find it way quicker if you’re using this method.

Also? Get a hanger for each individual item. Don’t pile on more than two or three or, God forbid, even four items of clothing onto one lone, pathetic little hanger. It’s depressing to do such things, especially when you can afford another goddam hanger. (And if you can’t? Whoa. Stop reading now and fix your life so that you can afford at least one hanger.) Plus, by doing this, you can always see what you have. I have a million things I never used to wear because I COULDN’T SEE THEM. And now? No more. I’m wearing all kinds of shit I’ve never worn in years and it’s fantastic. Also, invest in those hangers specifically made for skirts/pants. They’re wonderful. You are not better than them, they are better than you. And you feel like a full fledged adult when you have all this stuff taken care of.

Also, if you have those hangers that are slippery - put rubber bands around the ends of both sides so that if you have a dress or something silk hanging on it, the straps won’t slip right off. Like this. (This idea I got from the site Real Simple.)