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It’s probably too big a statement to say it’s made us smarter, but The Simpsons doesn’t ever promise to do anything more than make you laugh. There’s social satire in it, social commentary, deeper themes in it, but what’s great about The Simpsons is it says upfront, “All we’re gonna do is make you laugh.” That’s a purely noble cause, I think. It somehow doesn’t make you totally dumber by doing that. Most things that promise just to make you laugh don’t have any other redeeming qualities, and The Simpsons seems to.
— Matt Stone

2017 Resolutions Revisited

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  1. Read at least one book per season. - I did it! Winter (a re-read, but still), Spring, Summer & Autumn
  2. Go to the gym or do pilates at least ten times a month.
    • January - 6 times
    • February - 1 time
    • March - 5 times
    • April - 6 times
    • May - 9 times
    • June - 9 times
    • July - 8 times
    • August - 0 times
    • September - 6 times
    • October - 7 times
    • November - 4 times
    • December - 1 time
    • Yeeeeikes, well that didn't go well. But that means that I went to the gym 17% of the days this year, and while that's better than last year (in 2016 it was 14.5%) it's still not as good as in 2015 when I went 23.5% and in 2014 I went 37%. Welp, this year can always be better.
  3. Juice at least five times a month.
    • January - 9 times
    • February - 2 times
    • March - 6 times
    • April - 3 times
    • May - 0 times
    • June - 0 times
    • July - 3 times
    • August - 3 times
    • September - 3 times
    • October - 1 time
    • November - 0 times
    • December - 7 times
    • Okay so 3/12 months I actually made my goal. Gotta try way harder this year.
  4. Get at least three haircuts this year.
    • Hahah, only one haircut in January. SHIT.
  5. At least once a month, go to a fancy restaurant that you've never been to before.
    • January: Gotham Bar & Grill (two of the best things I've ever eaten were consumed here. The mushroom risotto with trumpet royals, shiitake, baby arugula, pancetta, aged sherry and gruyere cheese as well as the Gotham Burger with plymouth tomme cheddar, vermont bacon, herb aioli and kennebec french fries) & Giorgio’s of Gramercy (the Alex Friar Soup and Chilean Sea Bass were equally heavenly)
    • February: Nick & Stef's (decent) as well as Cagney's (slightly better than decent)
    • March: Gusto 101 (not entirely memorable, but a good meal), Augustine at The Beekman (ridiculously good) & CUT (extremely underwhelming, this was probably the let down restaurant of the year)
    • April: Il Corvo (crazy good pasta) and Canlis (one of the best salads of life)
    • May: None!
    • June:  Blue Ribbon (the onion soup at their location on Downing Street was way better than this reincarnation)
    • July: None!
    • August: Fusco (the happy hour pasta that changes weekly is the main draw here), Il Buco (Finally! As good as I hoped), Employees Only (HARD PASS) & Keens (crazy good, must go back for dinner)
    • September: Michael's Back Door (honestly, not as good as everyone tells you)
    • October: AG (very lovely)
    • November: None!
    • December: Enoteca Adriano (such good specials!)
    • There were only three months when I didn't do this! I will forever love this resolution and continue to do it each year.
  6. Make one Chrissy Teigen recipe (from Cravings) each month.
    • COMPLETELY didn't do this. It's as if my eyes were blind to this being on the list.
  7. Take Baby Dog on at least one dog date each month.
    • She had about seven dog dates this year, but I'm gonna tweak this resolution to better suit her for the upcoming year.
  8. Try at least one new hairstyle every month. (God, these are low/sad expectations, BUT THEY MINE.)
    • Hahahah, not even kinda close to doing this one. God, 31 year old me was sad sometimes.
  9. Properly go on a date Nathan at least once a month. 
    • The only months we didn't do anything were April, May & June, which is kind of amazing that we did it for the remaining months! Definitely keeping this one on the list.
  10. Finally go to Staten Island for pizza. See what the big deal is.
    • Still didn't go. Still don't know what the big deal is.

2018 resolution list coming soon!

Winter List

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I love this season. That video above is one my mom took of our backyard last week and words can't express how happy I am that it's already started to snow in Canada. There's nothing lamer than a green Christmas. In any case, there are bunch of things I want to do this season.

  1. Drink a white Russian.
  2. Play board games with the family at Christmas.
  3. Finally eat at Raclette in NYC.
  4. Visit the new Oscar Wilde inspired bar.
  5. Build a snowman.
  6. Finally try whipped cream vodka in a hot chocolate.
  7. Successfully make a souffle for the first time.
  8. Take at least five bubble baths.
  9. Literally just sit and watch the snow fall.
  10. Mail out holiday cards.

There's nothing too wild or unique on that list, I realize, but I wanted some simple and easy things that I can fully enjoy since I'm fully in Christmas mode at the moment. Happy first day of winter!

Autumn List Revisited

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Holy hell, it's the last day of autumn. And while it was a really great season for me this year, I really didn't get to a lot of this list. Excuses ahead!

1. "Go on our annual pumpkin patch trip to Downey's." Of course, I went! If I find myself one year not having enough time to go and do this, please know that I've silently given up on life.

2. "Wear black lipstick in public for an entire day." Did it! 

13 more days 🎃 #katvond #witches

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3. "Make turkey poutine with Thanksgiving leftovers." Completely didn't do this only because I was really over turkey right after Thanksgiving, I just couldn't look at it anymore.
4. "Make cinnamon sugar toasted pumpkin seeds and actually eat them." Nope. And I think I have come to the conclusion that I really don't care to do this. Fuck those seeds!
5. "Read outdoors." Did it, killed it.
6. "Jog before sunrise." Damnit, this is one I really wanted to do. I will do this eventually.
7. "Eat spaghetti squash for the first time and try not to be grossed out." Was too grossed out to try. Shame on me.
8. "Scare someone. If it goes well, scare others." I did it once and I wasn't good at it. Turns out I'm better at being scared. Sweet.
9. "See at least five Halloween movies I haven't seen before." Did it! I watched An American Werewolf in London (pretty good), Young Frankenstein (sucked!), The Thing (not my kind of movie), House on Haunted Hill (actually not that bad), Halloweentown (great!), Get Out (so great!)
10. "Create a fall door wreath." Hahahah, who the hell do I think I am.

All in all, I did 5/10. I passed! Winter list coming tomorrow!