Lessons of the Week

by Liz Heather in ,

Here are some things that I learned this week:

  1. You're not supposed to ever feed your dog grapes. Seriously, don't do it. I read that here, along with many other things that are bad for dogs in general. It can cause kidney failure or make them sick. Stop doing this! I don't care how cute it is to witness!
  2. The best banana pudding in the world is in the West Village at Magnolia Bakery. (Fuck those cupcakes, go here for pudding!) Can't believe it took me this long to hear about it. Apparently everyone else already knows this. Eat it. Love it. Live it. (photo below)
  3. Cooked prosciutto IS WAY TASTIER THAN RAW PROSCIUTTO. Why in the hell are people not eating it cooked always? It's eons better! It's like a less fatty, thinner, meatier-tasting bacon. And I love it. I've always tried to coerce myself into loving it raw and why? 'Cause I guess I'm a rube. Never again. Always gonna cook it now. 
  4. Kale can actually be tasty. I've never believed this before (I'm talking years here), because, well, it's putrid and poorly cooked most of the time. But I had some of a wonderfully under-dressed kale caesar salad with bacon last night at Murray's Cheese Bar that was the definition of delightful. I should've been less shocked though since almost everything there is amazing. 

Do these seem more like recommendations and less like lessons to you? 'Cause you're wrong. You need to get on all of these things immediately.  


There are pieces of cake in it!

There are pieces of cake in it!