The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - A Review

by Liz Heather in ,

You should probably go see this. If we have similar taste in movies at all (and if you aren't sure if we do infact share similar tastes, then please familiarize yourself with these past reviews), then you'll most likely enjoy this movie.

Basic Thoughts

  • The first half hour? Wasn't really into it. There were a lot of imagined sequences during the beginning, which I expected, but I didn't love them. Up until the Benjamin Button one, which was great and got me to loosen up a bit, which made the rest of the movie much more fun to watch..
  • Obviously, Parks and Recreation (and Party Down) are both amazing amazing shows - but casting Adam Scott as the new boss? Hated him. And not the character, I get that he's supposed to be unlikable. But he did such a weirdly bad job of playing him. It distracted me with how poor a choice that was. Only thing I'm gonna complain about.
  • You know how I (and others) complain so much about how long movies are? I wanted this one to be longer. I think that's just based on how much I liked the story, but I really wish it had kept going or had included some scenes that probably got cut.
  • Personally, I love it when the trailer song is actually used in a scene in the movie. I can't stand it when trailer song choices are just an afterthought that have nothing to do with the story.
  • Sean Penn, you're great. Everything needs more Sean Penn. It was such a tiny role and I love that it was his.
  • Kristen Wiig, even when you're not funny, you're a delight. Keep that up.
  • If you're an average, middle-aged, not UN-attractive man who's looking to separate himself from the crowd, you know what you should do? Get a bit of a tan. It always tricks me into thinking you're better looking than you are. Honestly. Ben Stiller tricked me into thinking that with this movie. I found myself inwardly asking, "Wait... is he a raging babe right now? Uh oh, he IS." I also found myself asking those same questions with Steve Carell in The Way Way Back. And the only real similarity was their calming tan skin. Just a thought.
  • I just re-read these points and I realize I haven't told you really why I thought it was so good. I think it's harder to express that when something is sort of well done and you just want to leave it at that and not over-think it. I really enjoyed it, though.

And if you're thinking that I would've loved this no matter what because of Kristen Wiig, you're wrong. (I don't know what the hell to think of The Spoils of Babylon - I just... I don't think I get it? Anyway, that's another topic.)

Mitty! Go see it!