2015 Resolutions

by Liz Heather in

It's a known fact that I love resolutions, so here are the ones I've made for the new year.

  1. Read at least two books a season.
  2. Try two things off of Pinterest a month.
    • Why? 'Cause it isn't enough to just pin something and then move on with life. Try those damn pins!
  3. Apply to work stuff at least ten times a month.
    • Must remember to write this above my desk at home. 
  4. Volunteer at least once a month.
    • So easy to do. Everyone should be doing this one.
  5. Do pilates at least five times a month.
    • Oh hell yeah, this is going to happen. I'm going to crush last year's 37%.
  6. Juice at least ten times a month.
    • This might be hard to achieve, but I've been getting more variety with the vegetables/fruits I've been using, which has made the whole process much more exciting. Beet juice is way tastier than it sounds, I swear.
  7. Stop falling into the Instagram butt trap.
    • Okay, do you know what I mean? Do you ever look at the random photos suggested for you on Instagram? Well, there are a lot of ass photos in my feed. And yeah, once in awhile, they're nice to see. But sometimes, you fall in to the ass trap and peruse these photos for way too long (anything longer than a minute is too long). I'm not a 13 year old boy, so I shouldn't be doing this. It makes me criticize myself for a little while afterward - and that feels awful since I'm a huge fan of my body. Anyway, I need to curb this habit. It helps no one.

That's the list. I highly encourage you to make one as well. They're not stupid. We all could be trying a little harder at something.

(And don't forget to get all this stuff done today, too.)