Tip of the Day - Family Videos

by Liz Heather in ,

I know that I won't shut up about how important it is to backup your computer and I'm sorry. But it's so important! The only real thing I would be worried about losing are the hundreds of family videos I've taken over the years. And even though they're already backed up on my one external hard drive, I've recently taken another step into assuring that those videos are safe for the future and it's so simple.

Upload them to YouTube! You don't need to worry about anyone else seeing them as long as you upload them and store them under "private" instead of "public." And they'll be there forever! And an even better idea (thanks Adele!) is to upload them as "unlisted" as opposed to private, so you can share the link with people who you want to see it. 

It also frees up so much space instead of just keeping them on your laptop. Is this kind of a dumb idea or am I the smartest person in the world for thinking of it? Get on this!