2015 Resolutions Revisited

by Liz Heather in

Remember the resolutions I made at the beginning of the year? Let's see how those went.

1. Read at least two books a season.

So I fell short of this goal by one measly book. That's on me. I'll do way better this coming year. 

2. Try two things off of Pinterest a month.

  • Not even close. I didn't keep track of all of the recipes I've tried, but it certainly wasn't close to two per month. Infact, I didn't care much for this resolution after all. Noted.

3. Apply to work stuff at least ten times a month.

  • Hahahah, NOPE!

4. Volunteer at least once a month.

  • Honestly, I think I volunteered twice this year. I'm a terrible person.

5. Do pilates at least five times a month.

  • January = 7 times
  • February = 7 times
  • March = 6 times
  • April = 3 times
  • May = 2 times
  • June = 6 times
  • July = 3 times
  • August = 3 times
  • September = 0 times
  • October = 0 times
  • November = 0 times
  • December = 2 times

Okay, so I sort of fell off my game towards the end of the year. But that doesn't mean that I still don't love this resolution and will likely repeat it for 2016. I actually really like those classes, as you may remember, so I really want to be more consistent this upcoming year. (As a sidenote, in 2014, I went to the gym 37% (137 days out of 365) of that year. In 2015? I went 86 days out of 365, so that's 23.5% of my year that was spent at the gym. A lot less than I went in 2014, but what can you do? I was really proud of that 37% from 2014, so I'll continue to gym it up and try to get in that bracket range next year. And honestly 23.5% is absolutely better than 0%, so I'm not really beating myself up over that one.)

6. Juice at least ten times a month.

  • January = 12 times
  • February = 11 times
  • March = 8 times
  • April = 3 times
  • May = 2 times
  • June = 4 times
  • July = 1 time
  • August = 4 times
  • September = 7 times
  • October = 0 times
  • November = 21 times (!)
  • December = 2 times

Okay, so my juicing was all over the place. When I remembered? That's when juicing happened. But I really want to be amazing at it this next year, especially since it's so ridiculously good for you. 

7. Stop falling into the Instagram butt trap.

  • I totally stopped! Success!

So those are my 2015 results. If any of that is boring to read, my apologies! I like to track my successes and my failures to see what I most need improvement on and maybe it'll inspire you to do the same with your own yearly goals. And if you're wondering how I track all of these things, you really should know by now