Spring List Revisited

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This is how I feel when spring is over.


How is it already over?! It always feels like the shortest season. Did I make the most of it? LET'S SEE. Here's what I actually did off of my spring list.

1. Jog outdoors - Okay, look. I really wanted to do this one but it didn't get done. One day.

2. Go to a baseball game - Nope! Hopefully this'll still happen. I'm thinking September, probably.

3. Plan a spring break vacation - Did it! I went to Las Vegas with Jenn and then did a tiny trip to Atlantic City with Nathan. Come to think of it, I didn't even do a Vegas post, I'll try to get on that.

best day

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family vacation 🌊🐾

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4. Bake a decadent spring cake - Oh yes. I attempted this Fresh Strawberry Cake and it actually came out pretty well for my Dad's birthday party.

Laminating labels is a sickness & I'm sorry

5. See A Quiet Place - Saw it! I liked it for the most part even though some scenes were frustrating (why didn't they just give birth to that baby by the waterfall?!), but it was a fun time. And thankfully we went to see it for free because of the magic that is Gofobo (that I mentioned in a post last month).

6. Spring clean each room in the house - I really intended on doing this one, but we didn't get around to it. Maybe I'd care more about this one if we weren't just renting? In any case, that's the lie I'll tell myself. I mean, I do mop maybe once a year, that's something.

7. Take Baby Dog to Boris & Horton - Oh yeah! Totally went. Great place! The coffee was good and new dogs came in every so often and BD actually kind of seemed to like it, if nervously so.

8. Help plant something - Damnit, I really wanted to do this one and forgot.

9. Buy a new swimsuit - I tried on so many and found nothing I liked. But this one is kind of a personal win because I'm trying to only purchase clothing that I love these days, so I'm taking a half point for really trying. 

10. Take a bike ride - Again, totally forgot. Whoops.

So the final total is 4.5/10, which I'm very comfortable with. Maybe only because I feel like I did so many new things in May that I'm okay with this terrible score. 

Onto the most dreaded season!