2018 Resolutions Revisited

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This is one of my favourite posts to write, but I feel like you know that already. Most people throw away their resolutions after a few months, but I love to keep very specific track of everything I try to do throughout the year, so here we go. Here’s how 2018 went for me.

  1. Read at least one book per season.

  2. Go to the gym or do some kind of physically strenuous activity at least ten times a month.

    • January - 8 times

    • February - 2 times

    • March - 3 times

    • April - 9 times

    • May - 13 times

    • June - 4 times

    • July - 0 times

    • August - 9 times

    • September - 5 times

    • October - 3 times

    • November - 5 times

    • December - 23 times (hahah, can you tell I was trying to be extra impressive this month?)

    • So that means that I worked out for 23% of the days of the year, which is better than 2017 (which was 17%) so that makes me feel great. I know it’s just a number and I shouldn’t care about things like that, but I do so what can you do. Going to strive for an even better number next year.

  3. Juice at least five times a month.

    • January - 24 times

    • February - 6 times

    • March - 6 times

    • April - 1 time

    • May - 15 times

    • June - 8 times

    • July - 3 times

    • August - 5 times

    • September - 1 time

    • October - 1 time

    • November - 0 times

    • December - 25 times

    • Okay so there were five months when this didn’t happen. But I mean… look at January and May and December. I feel like I go nuts with the juices every five months or so. Weird. Still love this resolution.

  4. At least once a month, go to a nice restaurant that you've never been to before.

  5. Take Baby Dog on at least two dog adventures per month (this could include going to Central Park, Astoria Park, dog dates, etc.)

    • Oh boy, was this an eager resolution. I did take her to Central Park as much as I could when the weather was warm, but of course I could’ve taken her more. She also went to some dog friendly cafes, so that was good too. If I keep this resolution for 2019, I’ll definitely revise it to be a seasonal aspiration instead of a twice-monthly one.

  6. Properly go on a date with Nathan at least once a month.

    • I kind of can’t even believe we did this every single month except September (which he travelled for most of), sometimes even a few times a month! It was great! I could list everything we did here but that seems… like something a crazy person would do (said the person who counts her juices & workouts on a daily basis).

  7. Learn how to meditate.

    • I think I did? For a few months I tried to do it and it seems like something I need a lot more practice with. Also, maybe I was doing it wrong, but I didn’t really understand what I was supposed to get out of it. Obviously it’s great for a lot of people, I’m not trying to be a dick, but I think I was just missing something about it in general.

  8. Once a month, write a letter to someone that I haven’t seen for awhile.

    • Hahahah, awww. Not a chance in hell. I did this once and I’m pretty sure I mailed it to the wrong address.

  9. Once a season, do a week-long juice cleanse or follow a completely raw food diet.

    • Again, NOPE! Too hard.

  10. By the end of the year, stop waitressing and start editing full time again.

    • I was reeeeally close to having this done in June, but then backed out of it. Lots of reasons. Some personal ones just for me to know. But I’ll keep working towards this goal. I happen to not completely hate waitressing, so until I do, I think I’ll keep doing it.

Some other notable things that happened: I was on Nathan’s podcast Positive Anger twice, which was really, really fun. I started doing my monthly roundup posts (May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December) that I think I’ll continue to do. So many great photos were taken (which reminds me that I need to make the 2018 photo book sometime soon). My attempt at Halloween domination continued. Went on some memorable vacations to Las Vegas and Vermont. We celebrated my dad’s 95th birthday. My grandmother turned 100.

2018 was kind of a good year, I think. It’s so hard to tell when you’re looking back at it. It wasn’t the best or worst, but it’s over now so we can only look forward. Definitely going to try and make this one a wicked one. Thank you so much for continuing to read and encourage all of the nonsense that I post on here, it means more to me than anyone will ever know.

December Dalliances

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So many things happened last month, highlights ahead!

  • I literally started doing my hair instead of just letting it air dry and it’s kind of nuts how easy it is to do.

  • I started using Origin’s GinZing Eye Cream and even though it’s only been a few weeks, I’m really liking it. Is it actually lightening my dark circles? I’ll be able to tell within a few more weeks, I think, so I’ll come back to this next month.

  • I made cauliflower hummus for the first time and it was not a hit. Maybe ‘cause I couldn’t get it as smooth as I imagined it should be, but still - not good at all.

  • I visited the Glossier flagship store in Soho and it was pretty fun and only slightly ridiculous. The robot mechanism that delivers your purchase to you at the end made me laugh. No opinions on their products as of right now since I only went to buy a Christmas gift for someone, although I did try a sample of their Milky Jelly Cleanser that felt pretty nice. The big drawback of the place is that it’s credit-card-only (no cash), which I have pretty strong opinions on. This is a great piece on that whole issue.

  • I went for food at Lillie’s Victorian Establishment in Union Square for their $13 lunch special (which includes a drink) and it’s probably one of the best lunch deals in that area for sure. Also the decorations at Christmastime are insanely lovely and aggressive.

  • Ate the smash burger at The Spaniard, which was really, really good but of course it was because it was a Pat LaFrieda blend. The bun was so perfectly toasted and it’s now definitely one of my favourite burgers in the West Village. Only thing I didn’t like were their onion rings - waaaay too doughy. Gotta keep it real with letting the onion shine through.

Smash burger at The Spaniard

  • Finally tried the Bite Agave Lip Balm that was part of Sephora’s yearly birthday gift and it’s definitely nothing special, way too sticky!

  • Also tried the Bite Lip Crayon in Glacé that was also part of the Sephora birthday gift and it’s so wearable and lovely, I’m excited for the 2019 Sephora birthday gift options (they just announced them!)

  • I got my hair cut! I went to Davidov Salon in the city for the second time, and I think this’ll be my regular place from now on.

  • Made a ton of chickpea nuts and they’re such a good and fast snack to have around. Favourite’s probably the BBQ.

  • HUGE fan of this eggplant lasagna.

  • Watched the latest Chilling Adventures of Sabrina holiday special and for a few scenes, it was actually kind of scary, which weirded me out. I still can’t decide if I hate or like this show.

  • Watched Salt Fat Acid Heat and loved it. Samin Nosrat has such an approachable nature, I wish there were tons more episodes. I also loved the last bit of the series when she says, “For me, cooking has never been about the food. It’s about what happens at the table. Making good food accessible is really important to me. And any little way that I can do that, from inviting a bunch of friends over for a simple meal, to making them help out in the kitchen when they arrive, just helps make it feel like good cooking is within reach for everyone. My ultimate goal is to make people feel comfortable and taken care of so that they can just enjoy the moment. And maybe eventually pass that kindness onto others. Cooking for them, with them, just happens to be the easiest way I can do that. Anyone can learn to cook and do it well. Be thoughtful. Be curious. And use salt, fat, acid and heat to guide you to delicious food. And if for some reason a dish doesn’t turn out well, it’s okay. You can always try again tomorrow.“

  • I’ve been using Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate as a face exfoliator once/twice a week for the past few months and I absolutely love it. It’s crazy gentle and smells so weird that you feel like it must work.

  • Can’t stop making this incredible firecracker chicken. Tastes like take out.

  • Why do I continue to watch the new Fuller House episodes? I wish I could tell you. It’s the only show I hate watch at the moment. I fully hate it. The jokes are bad. Everything is corny. I’m unhappy when I watch it. Okay, it’s over. I’ll never watch it again.

  • I have so many thoughts on this dog cloning article and I have absolutely no idea which side I’m on. Obviously it’s seems like a wildly controversial and terrible idea… but also what if you just miss your dog so much and it can bring you happiness? Also, the fact that people with money are already doing this makes me all kinds of mad/crazy/excited? I don’t know, man. I’m all over the place with this.

  • I tried the hair mask from Trader Joe’s and I love it, I just wish the packaging were bigger.

  • As you already know, I started watching This Is Us and even though I’m only halfway through the first season, I have a couple thoughts. I hate the character of Kevin so much - it’s either him or the actor, I don’t know. His storyline is just so boring, I want to scream. Also, I’m not actually convinced it’s a good show. Everyone won’t shut up about how good it is, but it’s definitely got its moments of pure cheese. I’m just not convinced. I'll give it a few more episodes to make sure I’m not wrong.

  • I watched The Year Without A Santa Claus for the first time and it was cuuuute. Love that old school animation so much.

  • Tried Smashbox’s Super Fan Mascara - and it’s not great so I’m thinking I’ll exchange it for the Make Up For Ever one (Smoky Extravagant Mascara) that I really like.

  • Ate the French onion soup burger at Le Rivage and it was only okay. They kept bragging about how many awards that burger has won, but I mean… it wasn’t anything special. I think that if they replaced their English muffin bun with a potato bun then maybe they’d be cookin’. Their escargots, however, were dynamite - I love it when they’re served while they’re still in the shells. So fancy.

  • Have you ever had a dunkaccino? It’s a half hot chocolate & half coffee drink from Dunkin Donuts. I recommend.

  • In love with this new shirt that I got from Uniqlo. Every woman on earth should get this crazy soft, perfect shirt.

  • Baking Hack: if you don’t have any brown sugar, do you know that you can make some by combining white sugar and molasses? Insanity. It really works. Check online for specific measurements.

  • Went to see the Rockefeller Christmas tree with Nathan!

(If you have any interest in past monthly roundups, they can be found here: November 2018, October 2018, September 2018, August 2018, July 2018, June 2018 & May 2018.)

Autumn List Revisited

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Autumn has come to a close, so it’s REVISITING THE AUTUMN LIST TIME. Don’t act like you aren’t interested.

  1. “Make an apple or pumpkin pie from scratch since I've never done that with anything other than a key lime pie, which (let’s be honest) is a crazy easy pie to make.” - Made this pumpkin pie that ended up being more like pumpkin mousse. Again, this was my first try so it makes sense that it wasn’t fantastic. Pies are hard. Glad to have tried it out, though.

  2. “Go to Downey’s for our annual visit.” - Course! It’d be mayhem if this somehow didn’t happen.

  3. “Take my niece Layla to her first Halloween Haunt at Canada’s Wonderland.” - Did it! Loved it!

  4. “Eat the thanksgiving croissant that’s available only in November at Momofuku Milk Bar.” - Ate it! As always, still amazing.

  5. “Make some sort of savory souffle.” - Ugh, I forgot to do this one. Still intending to one day.

  6. “Display and add to the miniature Halloween village that I set up on the windowsill each year.” - You know it, bitch!

  7. “Finally start This Is Us.” - Started! On episode two currently. Parts of it are… not good? I’m mostly speaking of any of the Kevin storyline, but that’s only based on one full episode so I shouldn’t be so quick to judge. Otherwise I like most everyone else.

  8. “Make at least two recipes from Chrissy Teigen’s new cookbook.” - Can’t even believe how hard I’m crushing this list, totally made two recipes. I detailed how they went in my October monthly roundup.

  9. “Do a couples costume with Baby Dog this year since Nathan will be out of town on Halloween.” - Cooooooooome on, of COURSE I did this.

  10. “Do some kind of Halloween craft with the kids.” - So I did do two crafts but they were kidless, hahah. Not even because there weren’t kids in the house, they were definitely there, but I think I was being really particular about how I wanted these crafts done? So I’m taking a half point here.

8.5/10 Whoa! You should be impressed.

Helloooooooo winter!