Jordan Peele's Us - Halloween Horror Nights 2019

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I know I said I wouldn’t start any Halloween talk before the end of August, but this news just came out so I must share. If you're a fan of Jordan Peele, his movies, or horror in general then you'll be delighted to hear that Us is officially coming to Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights.

Peele himself said about the maze, "It's very exciting to know that fans of Us will get to experience firsthand the terror of being stalked and tormented by ‘The Tethered.'" He continued, "It’s been a lifelong ambition of mine to create a monster that would scare people on Halloween, so having ‘The Tethered’ join such esteemed company is a dream come true."

As of right now, there aren't any images of the maze yet, but it sounds like it will be incredible. The story will start in 1986 and take you on a journey that follows in the footsteps of young Adelaide on the Santa Cruz boardwalk. The maze will then transition into present day, thrusting you into the chaos of "The Tethered" uprising. GAAAAHHHHHHHHH, I love this idea so much.

Halloween Horror Nights begins Friday, Sept. 6 in Orlando and on Friday, Sept. 13 in Hollywood. PREVIEW BELOW!

April Activities

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April is one of the best months. It’s still cool enough to have my winter blanket on the bed, but warm enough to maybe go out without a coat. Nothing is better. Sorry about the weather-talk, but it’d be insane of me not to mention it’s so beautiful out. Onto this month’s happenings! So many things took place!

  • Firstly, the big news. We’ve moved! Only a few streets away, but into a waaaaay better apartment. It’s almost a joke how much better it is. We were coming from a basement apartment, so pretty much anything above ground floor would impress us, but there are a hundred little details about our new place that I’m in love with. So crazy thankful and happy with it all. We’re still getting settled into the place, but I’m planning on doing a post about all the little things I’m doing to it with the decor and storage and boring things (but oh so fun to me) like that, so keep an eye out for that post coming out most likely before the end of the month. So excited to get this place homey and lovely.

  • I went to a Rapters game at the Barclays Center and whoa, it was a dumb amount of fun. Nathan met someone in the audience at one of his shows who works at Barclays and got him a few VIP tickets (fifth row from court side!) and it was pretty incredible. There was tons of free food (shriiiiimp!) and soft serve ice cream and beef tenderloin and fancy water and free snacks, it was the best. I could list all the food specifics here, but I don’t want to seem like a dick who thinks she’s better than you (but might be?).

  • I went to the Glossier flagship store again to try this highlighter aaaaand it was pretty basic, so that was disappointing. I also tried their Boy Brow again and I think that yes, it is a good product. Although is it worth $16? Not sure. I’m still considering Benefit’s mini version for $12, so that’s likely the next eyebrow product I’ll buy/try.

  • I treated myself and bought the full size version of Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask (which is HUGE and should last me eight hundred years) as well as a new Fenty sponge because my old sponge was beginning to look nasty.

  • I tried the new basil foaming hand soap from Trader Joe’s because that’s an amazing idea for a scent. But the quality of the bottle itself is so cheap, it makes an awful squeaking sound when you use it. Don’t buy.

  • Loving these two songs lately.

  • Yes, I hate receiving foundation samples. You know this. That being said, I tried the one from Yves Saint Laurent and even though it was the wrong colour for me, it felt crazy nice and moisturizing on my skin. I can see why people go so crazy for this product. I still won’t buy it because I don’t really love wearing foundation, but maybe one day when I believe that foundation makes a difference?

  • I tried the Smile Foot Mask from The Face Shop and HOLY SHIT. It’s good enough that you can ignore the creepy baby feet on the packaging. And I mean, my feet are pretty well taken care of already, but this was some next-level shit. Definitely keeping this one in the rotation.

  • I know that I told you I was going to start taking collagen, but with the move I slacked a little so I don’t want to comment on it yet. I’m gonna start it again and take it on a daily basis starting tomorrow so I will definitely have thoughts on it this time next month.

  • Love this meme.

  • I went to Niagara Falls with my family and it was the best. Just a ton of fun.

That’s right

At the Healing Salt Caves with Mom

We’re missing Amanda & Tianna!

Camden’s first Shirley Temple!

Sweet Jesus

Mom & Dad

  • I started watching Schitt’s Creek and it’s pretty good so far. I only saw about five episodes, but that’s enough to have an opinion, yeah? I want to watch more, but those Frasier reruns aren’t gonna watch themselves.

  • Watched The Bye Bye Man and wooooooof, it was rough.

  • I also watched Crazy Rich Asians and it was great! I’d wanted to see it for awhile and it was just a fun movie. A friend of mine accidentally called it Crazy Sexy Asians and it made me laugh, but that’s a way better title. I love, love, love Elvis’ version of this song, so whenever it gets covered, I’ll love it to pieces. Also, the wedding scene? With the water? Jesus! So nice. Even watching it now makes me teary, it’s so beautiful.

  • Ate at The Cactus Club with the lovely Marla for her birthday (!) and it was goooood. The short rib pappardelle? Heavenly.

  • One of my favourite recipes that I haven’t been able to make for awhile since I used to live in a place WITH NO OVEN is this baked pickles one. Just made it last night and still holds up. So tasty.

  • There’s an upcoming lantern festival in Mississauga that I just heard about on August 10th that seems pretty lovely.

  • Have you ever tried chocolate mint coffee before? We just got some beans from a place near us and made some this morning and I was jacked for about three hours. Really tasty, I just don’t understand how a person could drink coffee every day.

  • I was in need of a fancy dress so I went to Burlington in Union Square and was shocked at how nice/inexpensive everything was. I got a Calvin Klein dress (that I later returned because I’m CLASSY) for $40! Such a great place. Easier to browse than Century 21, for SURE.

  • The reason I needed that fancy dress? I WENT TO THE OPENING NIGHT OF THE BEETLEJUICE MUSICAL! And it was incredible. I have a friend who’s in the ensemble and graciously invited me and it was everything. I’ve never been to an opening night before and the air was electric. Such a fun time. I met Richard Kind at the after party and gushed about Clifford for approx. two minutes before he ran away.

  • Really enjoyed the new Lizzo album, the best songs are definitely Like A Girl and Soulmate.

  • I tried the relatively new chicken pieces from Shake Shack and there’s literally NOTHING DANNY MEYER CAN DO WRONG. They’re delicious, obviously.

  • I had no idea that The Strand will buy your old books. Amazing.

  • There are no Home Sense stores in the States (as far as I know), which sucks. But I came across Home Goods on the Upper West Side (thank you for the suggestion Harmeet!) and even though it’s really not as good, it’s actually okay. I appreciate the attempt of them trying to be a Home Sense.

  • I went to the new Rec Room in Square One and it was pretty good, I thought. Obviously you need to walk in with a full wallet, but I mean… it’s something to do? It’s pretty much Playdium with better food.

And that was April! Some things to look out for in next month’s roundup: highlights from Tianna’s visit to NYC, I’m going to a screening of Booksmart, and I swear I’ll do that apartment post. Honestly that’s the only thing I’m really, really looking forward to - I love this new place so much. Thanks for reading!

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Mississauga's First Ever Massive Holiday Street Market

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The holidays are here and I DON'T CARE IF YOU AGREE OR NOT, they're here! What better way to start celebrating it than by stopping at Mississauga's first ever Holiday Street Market that's happening this Saturday? (Does this seem like an ad? It screams "ad" to me, but really I'm just pushing it so hard because I'm not in town and won't be able to go. If I were in Mississauga right now, though? I'd be all over this mother.)

This year, for the first time ever, Mississauga is launching a pop-up Holiday Street Market that'll take place in Celebration Square. The event, which will be presented by, is a joint venture between the city and Philip Suos, the founder and festival director of the Junk Food Festival and Toronto’s Mac and Cheese Festival.

This will be the city’s biggest holiday market ever and there will be a ton of activities. Also, the market will coincide with the Square’s annual Light Up the Square tree lighting event.
In terms of activities, artisan vendors from all over Canada will be on hand selling one-of-a-kind goods and treats. There will also be food trucks, free carousel rides, a marshmallow firepit, a warm-up lounge, NES Classic Edition game competitions, gingerbread decorating and more. And there may or may not be real reindeer. Visitors can also take photos with Santa, write letters to Santa and indulge in crafts and face painting. There will also be roaming entertainers, an elves agility course and more. 

It's totally free and it'll run from noon until 11pm and it sounds amazing.

Georgia Peaches Coming To NYC

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Some Georgia in Tennessee #nashville

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Remember those peaches I told you about a few weeks ago? They're coming to New York City!

Stephen and Jessica Rose launched the Peach Truck in 2012 with the intention of bringing the joy of Pearson Farm's fresh Georgia peaches to cities around the country. They started out small — first delivering peaches in brown paper bags in the Nashville area, and then expanding to the south and Midwest. And now, for the first time ever, the truck is coming to New York this summer.

They've put together a New York itinerary for the three days they'll be in town. On July 17, the Peach Truck will park at Berg'n; on July 18, Wilma Jean, the Fort Greene Flea, Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, and Urban Cowboy; and on July 19, Chelsea Market, the Williamsburg Flea, and Smorgasburg at Brooklyn Bridge Park. You can check out the full schedule over here.